The Food

The food we present is a snapshot of each first generation migrant’s home cooking. It is the bond that ties each future generation to its cultural heritage and South Australian migration story.

Each night, the four course dinner from our guest migrant matriarchs and patriarchs is a surprise ‘feed me’ menu that will fill your belly and warm your heart. The menu is fixed and not a la carte, but don’t worry it’s all delicious and there will be a vegetarian option every night (please note this when booking).

Just like stepping into one of our Nonna’s houses for dinner, you will be fed with love and if there’s any food left, our Nonnas will be offended if you don’t eat seconds or take home some leftovers.


Is there a vegetarian option? Yes! One feed-me menu is vego and one is non-vego.

Is there a vegan option? No. Our vego menus will have some vegan elements but to stay true to the food that is a snapshot of our migrant kitchens, the "feed me" experience the menus present are not generally able to be adapted to vegan.

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