Sat 8 June




Learn to make (and taste) a treasured Vietnamese family recipe, Bánh xèo - a popular Vietnamese savory pancake made from rice flour and served with a variety of delicious fillings. Great for sharing!

11.00am – 12:30pm
Unley Town Hall
$45 + booking fee  BOOK HERE



4 course "feed me" dinner with the Vietnamese community.

7.00pm – 10:30pm
Unley Town Hall
$65 + booking fee  BOOK HERE

The Workshop

This ticket provides you with entry to the Travelling Table Vietnamese Cooking Workshop demonstration at The Unley Town Hall – Oxford St, Unley.

“This is a savoury dish served with fresh lettuce, green mustard leaves, Vietnamese herbs and special dipping sauce made from fish sauce. Different to the western pancake, the Bánh Xèo is thin and crispy with thinly sliced pork belly, mince pork, prawn, bean sprout and mung bean filling.

Bánh Xèo literally translates “sizzling pancake” for the loud sizzling sound it makes when the pancake batter is poured into the hot pan. This is a common dish served on special occasions to celebrate, or like some of us who love this dish, you don’t need to wait for special occasions, just serve it when you like as this is a delicious and fun to make dish that the whole family will love.

The filling and slight alteration of how the pancake batter is made may vary in different parts of Vietnam (North, Central and South) or between each family’s secret recipe to making the perfect Bánh Xèo for the family. Bánh Xèo can be served as a vegan dish as it depends of what you like to have as the filling. Having the right technique to make this dish is important, so watch it being made and then experience making one yourself at The Travelling Table workshop with the help of our Ong Ba! We look forward to seeing you at The Travelling Table workshop!”

The Dinner

This ticket provides you with a sit down feast of delicious Vietnamese food prepared lovingly in our kitchen by our matriarchs of the South Australian Vietnamese community (drinks will be available for purchase at our bar). This menu will include meat. Should you wish to eat a Vegetarian menu, please select the Vegetarian ticket instead.

*If you are booking as a group, please ensure all tickets are purchased in one transaction to ensure you are all seated together.