The Travelling Table is a South Australian pop up migrant restaurant and cooking workshop project that celebrates the food and honours the long journeys of migrants that started in kitchens in every corner of the globe. With the help of treasured grandmas, grandpas, migrant community groups and their families we celebrate South Australia’s rich migrant history in days and nights of food, language, culture, stories and entertainment in iconic South Australian venues and festivals.

The Travelling Table dinners and cooking workshops explore, present and share the cultural wisdom and traditional homeland recipes from migrant communities who made a new life for their families in South Australia.

Like every traditional recipe, each family story is both unique and similar, with hardships and success. But one thing is common - the food from our family tables is the cultural glue that ties each generation to its cultural heritage.

The travelling table will provide a small taste of the multicultural riches that can found in our Nonna, Yaya, Baba, Oma, Nai Nai, Ba and Jaddati’s kitchen to inspire a new interest and understanding of our precious migrant history and wonderful food that came with them to South Australia.


Food. Life. Culture.

A celebration of South Australia’s vibrant migrant food culture.

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